Fiore Article and Concordance

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Fiore Article and Concordance

Postby Michael Chidester » 31 Oct 2009 23:47

The Meyer Frei Fechter Guild has graciously volunteered to host my new Fiore article until such time as my school's new site is up and running. It contains a brief rundown of the several Fiore manuals followed by a full concordance of Fiore's plays (using the Getty as the reference) and an index of the Fiore resources currently available.

Examining the nine Petals of the Flower of Battle

This was the template for a book project of mine that seems unlikely to ever come to fruition (largely because some of the museums involved refuse to play ball). It's also the sort of resource that I looked for and didn't find when I began studying Fiore a few years ago. I hope it helps get more people into the study of this extraordinary master.

This article, along with one other that I have planned, are essentially the bookends of my current Fiore research. The other article, which I haven't begun writing yet, will present an interpretation of his longsword teachings that differs significantly from the mainstream, one that I hope will be sufficiently controversial as to make people take a hard look at a lot of issues and assumptions that they currently consider settled. Look for that one in a month or two.

EDIT: Here's a PDF of the article, for improved formatting and ease of download:
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Postby Motley » 02 Nov 2009 15:40

Hi Micheal,

Thanks for making this available. I'll go an have a look at it now.

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Postby Brewerkel » 02 Nov 2009 19:37

That's an useful reference document! Thanks for taking the time to produce this. 8)
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Postby Ariella Elema » 02 Nov 2009 20:07

This is going in my bookmarks. Thank you.
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Postby Dai D » 04 Nov 2009 19:37

Cheers Michael, bed time reading for me tonight :-)
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Postby leonardo daneluz » 05 Nov 2009 15:12

Thanks a lot! The kind of work nobody ever takes the time to do.
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