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Postby admin » 18 Aug 2008 13:37

For a variety of reasons, SG1 has decided to introduce ranks.

These are intended to help people focus on self improvement, have something to aim towards, reward hard work, give more 'official' responsibility to the experienced members and help classes run more smoothly.

This system will not be imposed on other SG chapters, but they may join if they so wish.

Schola Gladiatoria in Ealing (SG1) now uses the following rankings:

Free Scholar
Senior Provost

These ranks relate to experience and are awarded on balance of merit. They represent a combination of understanding of the art and ability to use it - the balance being more on knowledge and experience, rather than pure fighting ability. New students begin as Novices.

Ranks are awarded by a consensus of Free Scholars and above. Should a student be aiming to progress their rank then they could seek guidance from any of the more experienced members.

Although there are no specific tests to achieve these ranks, there will be 'feats of arms' (combative games) to celebrate someone (or a group of people) being awarded a higher rank. This is really just to mark the event, have some fun and hopefully show the newer people what they should be aiming towards in terms of ability.

- Scholars are those students who are no longer considered beginners and have attained a certain level of knowledge and martial competency.
- Free Scholars are able to assist with teaching due to having trained for much longer and learnt much more. They should have a much deeper understanding of the art and be able to convey that knowledge. Their martial abilities should be solid.
- Provosts are able to lead classes, present to large groups of people and exhibit notably deeper levels of knowledge.
- Senior Provosts even more than a Provost.

After careful consideration, I would like to announce the following people as being recognised by myself and SG1 as Free Scholars:

Paul Davis
Tim Gallagher
Ben Harrison
Gordon Hart
Neil Johnson
Gavin Locke
Greg Maginnity
James Marwood
Pete Maydon
Nigel Plum
Gary Pready
Alexander Simkin
Simon Thurston

I would like to reiterate that these ranks are to HELP the development of members and the teaching of classes. They are not titles for the sake of it, or to sound flash.

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Postby Abomination » 06 Aug 2009 17:02

Has the introduction of this had any noticable effect?

Has there been any prize plays?

I got to wondering if the idea was worth revisiting.
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Postby admin » 06 Aug 2009 17:10

Yes they have had a noticeably effect.
The Free Scholars who train regularly with SG1 now contribute a lot towards the training of beginners.

There have not been any prize playings. These were not an important element anyway, as there is no 'test' as such, but I would like to hold some sort of ceremony later this year, at the same time as making some of SG1's members into Scholars.

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Postby Brodie » 06 Aug 2009 23:04

Wooo im a novice!!
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