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Re: SG1: Schola Gladiatoria London

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2014 13:53
by admin
Schola Gladiatoria SG1 classes in Ealing, West London are changing!

We have grown to a size that is now unsustainable in our hall - 30 to 40 people with swords simply can’t train effectively in the space we have. Equally, I would like to offer more advanced classes for the more experienced students.

Therefore after much deliberating we have decided that from 2nd December we will divide the Tuesday evening into 3 sessions, rather than the current 2.

There will now be:
1) - Beginners’ session (7-8pm) – open to all (£8)
2) - Intermediate session (8-9pm) – open to Scholar-ranked students and above (£10 - covers all sessions)
3) - Sparring session (9-10pm) (included in Intermediate session cost)

Hopefully this will be better for everyone – with more space to move and more specialised attention given to both beginners and intermediate students.
The weapons will still alternate each week between sabre and longsword, for both sessions.

Regards, Matt and the Free Scholars of SG1.