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PostPosted: 08 Nov 2017 22:07
by sbkittrell
Hello, For decades I have collected firearms and knives, mostly Randall Made and a couple of H.G. Bourne knives but I have always been interested in swords and fencing and finally at age 63 I found Matt Easton's Youtube channel and started learning. Although I am too old for HEMA I enjoy learning the movements and it is good exercise. I live in the middle of nowhere on the inner banks of North Carolina so there are no HEMA organizations anywhere near me.

Like many others I bought my first swords before learning much about them and got two Cold Steel sabers, a 1917 Hybrid and a 1860 Heavy Cavalry Saber. I really wasn't too impressed with them and later bought a Darksword Armory Eindride which I liked much better. After discovering Matt Easton's videos on youtube as well as others, I decided to concentrate on collecting antique swords from now on. I bought a Taureg Takuba online and I am satisfied with it and enjoyed researching those swords and the Taureg people. My next purchase was from Matt (Easton Antique Arms). As I said, I am a total novice and I have been hesitant about ordering antiques online, not knowing how to determine if a sword is fake. Watching the Schola Gladiatoria videos, I developed a high level of trust in Matt. His honesty and ethics seem obvious to me even through videos. So I recently ordered a Diamond Fields Horse Cavalry Saber from Easton Antique Arms. It has already been shipped and I am looking forward to it very much. It led me to research the Boer war which I knew next to nothing about, except Winston Churchill was captured in it. That was a hell of war! I bought the book Swordsmen of the British Empire and in reading it, an interest in Tulwar swords was sparked. So my latest order, which is on the way, is an 18th century Circle of Tipu Sultan Tulwar.

So that's where I am at now in my sword collecting career. As soon as I receive the DFH Cavalry sword and the Tulwar I will post pictures. Thanks for accepting me onto your forum

Re: Introduction

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2017 05:15
by swordflasher
Welcome SB.

I look forward to seeing pictures of the tulwar. Now you are addicted like the rest of us!