Schola Gladiatoria historical fencing rules

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Schola Gladiatoria historical fencing rules

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- Bouts to be fought until one fighter scores 6 (standard bout) or 10 (long bout) points.
- A point is scored by a hit anywhere to the body with edge, point or recognised other weapon strike, such as pommel to the face.
- When a hit is received it should be indicated by the recipient to the opponent (by pointing at the hit location), after an afterblow is attempted.
- Hits with the flat of a blade or otherwise useless touches do not score a point.
- A double hit, in the same tempo = zero points to either.
- An afterblow, landed within one foot movement after the initial blow, negates the point = zero points to either.
- A disarm does not score a point, but a weapon hit after a disarm does.
- A grapple or strike with a body part does not score a point, but a strike with the weapon afterwards does.
- Grapples are ceased if no weapon strike has occurred after 5 seconds.
- Either fighter can stop the bout at any time by shouting “stop!”.
- Reasonable control and safety should be observed at all times, including in the power of certain strikes to certain areas.
- Bouts start with a mutual weapon salute, followed by both fighters coming on guard, and finish with a mutual hand shake or equivalent.

The following variations to the STANDARD CLUB RULES are designed to achieve specific training objectives, for example encouraging people to protect he high line better or build confidence in attacking deeper targets. These are 3 examples of rule variations that we sometimes use and the possibilities are almost limitless.

As A), but the afterblow does not negate the first strike if the initial strike is to the head. In other words, a strike to the head is unanswerable and always scores.

As A), but cuts and thrusts on the head, and thrusts on the torso count for 2 points each.

As A), but cuts and thrusts on the head, and thrusts on the torso count for 3 points each.

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