London: lost federschwert and kit

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London: lost federschwert and kit

Postby forestcreature » 19 Sep 2013 23:08

Dear Scholars,

I apologise if this is the wrong subforum (please move as appropriate) and the wrong way to make a first post. After a rubbish day several weeks ago I left my bag on the train and with it a Luďek Kalný federschwert which I was particularly attached to, as well as a fencing mask and nylon waster.

I imagine they are gone for good (nothing in SW trains lost property) but please keep an eye out for the feder. It has a longer blade (109cm) and hilt than usual, with a plain crossguard and purple twisted leather wrapped hilt. The point is rounded off and not folded or beaten back. It is very solidly built and rings very true. I don't have absolute pitch so I can't give you a note. For giggles I forced a patina on it and also carried it up Ben Nevis in the rain, so the steel has a worldly look to it. Considering where we parted ways it should also smell a bit of wee and kebab.

Attempts to breed them failed.

Thanks for your time,
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