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Hails from France!

PostPosted: 17 May 2012 20:19
by Raphael
Some say introducing oneself when arriving somewhere is a good thing to do. So here we go! :D

I am Raphaël, a student in Paris, and for the last two years I have been a member of the (quite modest and very discreet and unknown) Historical Fencing Club of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (sexier name coming soon =p ). We practice mostly longsword (Tallhoffer/Liechtenauer, but also a bit of Fiore de Liberi), one-handed sword, sabre/cutlass and dagger/wrestling, and more rarely rapier, sword and shield (I.33 especially), spear and messer. As a club, we do not really follow the principles of HEMA, as we rarely study the manuals first-hand ; but we are trying to change that, by dedicating regular informal meetings to more in-depth studies (as opposed to our weekly practice sessions, focused on more "basic" techniques).

Monsieur Keith Farrell, whom I met in Dijon last week, suggested that I look for answers to my questions on this forum, and so here I am.

As you may have understood by now, I'm French, so pleeeeaaaase do not be too harsh on my English, it can be very clumsy at times ^^"

See you around!


Re: Hails from France!

PostPosted: 17 May 2012 20:25
by KeithFarrell
Hello Raphaël, I'm glad to see you here! This is a very friendly place, I am sure you will be able to gather plenty of answers to your questions when you post them :)

Re: Hails from France!

PostPosted: 17 May 2012 21:02
by Cutlery Penguin
Bonjour Raphael, bienvenue sur le forum.

Re: Hails from France!

PostPosted: 17 May 2012 22:04
by admin
Welcome! Make yourself at home.

Re: Hails from France!

PostPosted: 18 May 2012 18:32
by Raphael
Thank you for your words of welcome! :D

Keith, thanks once again for the broadsword workshop in Dijon ; we recreated it in our club on the morrow, we couldn't figure out all the moves because we had forgotten the hand-out, but the others seemed pleased enough :D