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Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2011 17:24
by Dave B
J Marwood wrote:This might help with the butlering. For the rest you can find a lot of sources in the Online Treatises section of this site.

I know that the 'pure' approach is to go straight to treatises, but that's hard work if you've never done anything similar and don't know the terminology etc. I think for a starting point 'Primoris' is pretty good for introducing the concepts, whether Fiore is really your eventual cup of tea or not?

anyway, off topic a bit. I'm still interested if a Manchester group ever does kick off, as would a couple of our lot from cheshire that came up to the manchester group spring of last year when it was regularish.

Manchester study group

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2011 19:38
by Paul B
Hi All,

I will not really be even thinking about teaching till well into the new year, but....

Cheryl, my Mrs, is interested in starting a study group looking at dagger (probably fiore) and sword and buckler (probably later than 1:33)

I will be on hand to give pointers and a bit of guidance now and then if you want it.

Drop me a message here or respond to this post if you are interested.

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 12 Dec 2011 00:41
by andy d
Mark Hillyards Academia Glorianna now have a class on Backsword every Tuesday in Bolton , I'm around living in Sale until end of January if anyone fancies pugilism I have enough kit for half a dozen.Haven't got a venue though....

Manchester study group

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2011 13:31
by Paul B
There's a facebook group set up for the fledgeling Manchester study group.

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2011 15:40
by Paul B
From the Facebook Page:

Starting in the new year - a sword fighting study group looking at the teachings of Italian fencing master Achille Marozzo (and others) and the use of the side sword and buckler. 16tch-17th Century European Martial Arts.

This group is set up initially to see who would be interested. Classes will be either weekly or fortnightly. Location: TBC

The group is open to anyone - whether you are interested in history, martial arts or just fancy doing something new and different.

First couple of sessions will be introduction sessions to find out what people hope to learn from the group. Probably in a pub somewhere discussing swords over a pint or two!

More information to follow! I look forward to seeing you soon.

I will be providing discount wooden kit for the group as well as being Cheryl's pell.

She has also said she might consider becoming a flouncy-shirted rapier monkey. :evil:

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2012 21:44
by sweeptheleg
Has this group bitten the dust already?

FB page has disappeared......

Manchester study group

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2012 23:37
by Paul B

Cheryl has got a new job and other commitments and time is going to be limited in future so she's put it on the back-burner for now

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2012 14:00
by sweeptheleg
That's a shame...hope something gets started in Manchester fairly soon!

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 22 Aug 2012 09:35
by Paul B


This is an updated group for a Manchester study group.
At the moment, I am doing monthly lessons for a couple of guys with no venue and working with cheryl on some bolognese sword and buckler/dagger material.

This is not a Schola Gladiatoria study group, and I am not organising it, just helping it along.

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2012 21:33
by Scoobing
Finally got a venue sorted for us to meet and train at

The first session is on October 1st 7.30 pm and Paul Bennett will be there teaching German long sword


St Matthews church
Chester road
M32 8HF

This group is open to any who would like to attend but you will need to bring your own gear, fees for the session are £10 per person to cover hall hire and instructor fees any extra will be used to buy training gear for the group

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2012 19:14
by Scoobing
Sword Fighting in Manchester starts tomorrow evening 7.30pm at

St. Matthew's Church, Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester. M32 8HF

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2012 10:21
by admin
Congrats on pulling this together 8)

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2012 18:42
by Scoobing
Next session is on the 22nd of October at the same venue all welcome again hopefully it will be as big a success as the first meeting

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2013 19:04
by Paul B
Announcing a new Schola Gladiatoria chapter in Manchester!

I will be teaching Liechtenauer Longsword etc, plus Cunningham cane and eventually bolognese sidesword.

Classes will be Tuesdays 7-10pm and will consist of a 2 hour formal class with a 1 hour session for sparring and self-directed training. There will be no training on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Hawk Green Reading Room
28 Upper Hibbert Lane

Cost will be £10 per person per session.

Interested parties should contact me here or at

Classes will be commenced as and when there are enough people to cover the hall costs.

A Facebook page will be set up shortly.

Re: Manchester study group

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2015 00:37
by F0rre5ter
Hello all,

Just a quick word to mention that the ex-Stretford club is still going strong at the new Moss Side venue, spiritual home of edged weapons, and a fresh batch of crazy, athletic students are picking things up scarily quickly.

We've become attached to KDF mainly due to my links back to Leeds, but any Scholas are welcome, and we look forward to seeing you all at fightcamp bigtime.

Massive thanks to Paul for starting this club in the 1st place, never would have done it myself. ... r/?fref=ts