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PostPosted: 28 Apr 2009 10:42
by Sylvan C
Those gloriously omniscient fellows at the Met Office say Saturday will be sunny all day and warm as well (17C). Since they've never yet been wrong, it looks like we're set for Saturday.

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2009 11:23
by Alan W
We'd love to go and bash heads in the park :twisted:
But we're of to Cosmaston to trade and have fun all weekend.
Yes work does let me out at weekends now and then.... :roll:
Have fun..........

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2009 14:33
by Corvus
It's now looking like I may have problems turning up this weekend. I'll try and get there if it's still feasible.

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2009 18:38
by George St
I will be going...

So see you there then!

PostPosted: 01 May 2009 08:34
by Corpsie
I've changed from not going to undecided for tomorrow- it depends on if I get into the mood to go clubbing tonight.

It looks like it's going to be really hot. Water will be as essential as gloves and mask.

PostPosted: 01 May 2009 21:16
by George St
So we are 3 to show up tmr then.

Hope we manage to find each other!!!!

As I have no idea what the park looks like any specific meeting areas or something around where we said we would meet?

PostPosted: 01 May 2009 21:35
by Sylvan C
In my best Obi-Wan voice: 'use the link, Luke!',-0.15044&spn=0.012253,0.013647&t=h&z=16

That's a Google Maps satellite view of the north-east corner of the park, next to the zoo. There's an open space there, so we should be fairly visible to each other.

PostPosted: 01 May 2009 21:54
by George St
Hey Obi Wan...

I used the link but it only shows a huge place with no pin and we are only 3 people who have never seen each other... I can try using the force but don't think it will work...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am asking if there is anything in that place we can set as a meeting point...

Coffee shop or smt...

PostPosted: 01 May 2009 22:03
by Nuggan
How about everyone meets at Camden Town Tube at 1:45pm/2pm

PostPosted: 01 May 2009 22:10
by George St
Sounds good to me!

See you there then!

PostPosted: 01 May 2009 22:18
by Sylvan C
I won't be going by the Camden Town station, so that would suck for me.

On that map, the thing in the center is a triangle bounded by Outer Circle, a path (to the south) and the zoo (to the west). It's actually a small triangle - you can see the individual trees. I'll stand in the middle of the triangle with a fencing mask and a shinai. That should be fairly hard to miss. I'll be there about 1:45-2pm.

PostPosted: 02 May 2009 07:23
by Corpsie

I didn't go clubbing last night. I'll meet you in the park.

PostPosted: 02 May 2009 17:59
by George St
And the number was 5!!! And they all had fun and they all want to go again!!!

It was a great 2 hours, with a lot of fun and sun!!!

Maybe we should do this more often!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

PostPosted: 02 May 2009 21:19
by Sylvan C
Yeah, that was a hell of a lot of fun. I definitely need better gloves... lacrosse gloves here I come. As for doing it more often, heck yeah, I think we could even make it a regular thing.

Thanks for showing me a bit of backsword, Chris. That was particularly fun.

For anybody considering coming along next Saturday, the location was quite good. We went to the north end of the field, under some trees, isolated from everyone except a few joggers (and KENDO BOY!), and got no undue attention.

PostPosted: 05 May 2009 08:10
by Chris Siddall
Same place, same time next week?

And thanks to the SG1/SG8 guys for the intro to Longsword, it was fun. Think I'll stick to baskethilts though. I like my fingers too much.


PostPosted: 08 May 2009 08:27
by Corpsie
See you guys tomorrow.

PostPosted: 08 May 2009 17:46
by George St
Are we going tomorrow as well then?

Who is in?

PostPosted: 08 May 2009 19:15
by Corpsie
Sylvan C wrote:Since nobody else is jumping in to suggest a time and place, I'll nominate:

Saturday, May 2nd and May 9th, 2 pm - 4 pm, Regent's Park

Meet in the open area in the north-east corner, next to the zoo:,-0.15044&spn=0.012253,0.013647&t=h&z=16

Other suggestions welcome of course.

PostPosted: 08 May 2009 19:52
by Nuggan
i have a flight to catch (apparantly) in like 3 hours to Italy. I believed/was told it was next weekend but it isn't.

This is what happens when you let a girl book things.

So options were an Attractive girl or you guys so......

See you next week

PostPosted: 09 May 2009 09:31
by Corpsie
Is there going to be more than the two of us?

If not, I'll stay at home.