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SG 6.1 ;-)

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2008 22:52
by Colin F.

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2008 10:24
by admin

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2008 20:03
by Colin F.
admin wrote::o

I know, soon I will dominate the planet with sabre wielding children. Awesome. Blofeld eat your heart out.

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2008 17:35
by Colin F.
Silly first post

Schola 6.1 - The first minions are ready!

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2008 17:36
by Colin F.

This week my first batch of evil minions graduated from their long hard weeks of practice.

They had to show me the salute, the en guard position, how to step forward and how to step back, 4 of the 6 cuts, 2 of the 4 guards that they had learned and how to riposte from a guard. In addition to this, they had to fence each other to the best out of three points whilst showing good control and movement. They also fenced with plastic sabres rather than foam and this improved them a lot, especially as their grips improved on the plastic rather than the squeezable foam.

Bar a couple of dodgy guards and a few interesting ripostes they did very well. Another 4 years of this for some so might have some very competent fencers by the time they leave.

They all got a nice coloured certificate to celebrate... :twisted:

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2008 17:43
by admin
That is really really awesome. Well done!

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2008 15:59
by Colin F.
So, it happened to be that year 4 and 5 were doing the Tudors and myths and legends (Robin Hood) this half term. Que me with my two hander, arming sword and I borrowed Fran's falchion, buckler and arming jack. Lots of hands on done in a controlled one on one environment. Kids were supremely well behaved.

Kids also loved it and I now have about another 40 wanting to do fencing come the next switch over in Feb!

Plans are to hold a two tier school tournament in the summer, with years 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 being put in separate comps so that no year 6s fight the tiny year 3s.

Will soon post pictures of Paul and I's half term escapades on the school blog and will post a link here.

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2009 13:00
by Colin F.
We had the competition, unfortunately school vid camera vanished before hand, so could not video it. However, we had over 35 entrants to the competition. It was split between a Years 3/4 and a Years 5/6. I even had parents come to watch!!!!

Because we had so many enter, it had to be straight knock out competition and this led to it being very highly competitive. Many of the children did not stick to what they had been taught, but ended up playing sword tag. I cracked down on this and did not allow any hits that were not delivered properly. I even took a few points off for silly behaviour.

One rule I introduced was after 3 double hits, it was the next clean hit that won. This encouraged fencers to keep themselves safe and not always go for the first hit, regardless of safety.

In the end the younger competition went to the youngest boy in the group and the elder competition went to a girl, who suddenly discovered that lunging against big boys who do nothing but try to deliver massive cuts is highly effective. We also had one rather exceptional disarm. Plus a foot to the groin. Luckily a parent didn't see that. But it was awesome.

Re: SG 6.1 ;-)

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2010 13:30
by Paul B
how is the after school class coming along now? have you moved it to the curriculum yet?

Re: SG 6.1 ;-)

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2010 17:34
by Colin F.
Yup, taught a half terms worth of fencing to 2 year 4 classes on Friday afternoons during the second part of the Autumn term.

So have a half terms worth of planning to go with it as well. Should be able to run it for 7-11 year olds. Coming along nicely really.

The kit isn't quite what I had hoped for. The foam swords are pretty dismal for that age group the plastics are ok, but the guards are flimsy on the new models. I am going to put copious amounts of tape around the new swords so they a little more robust.

Kids are loving it though. Some real cracking moves have been seen, including a perfectly timed Octave deflection followed up with a cut 2 to the hamstrings of an opponent. Alos seen some well timed elbow pushes and disarms.

Bearing in mind I didn't teach them any of these things in detail, they just go for it. The only rules I have are no punching, kicking or swearing. They are pretty good at obeying them.

I tell you something, if we can really get kids into this, the next generation of HEMA are going to get very very good, through experience if nothing else. But then again, if we'd all trained since we were 7 with swords on a regular basis I suspect we would all be much better too!