Henry VIII swords

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Henry VIII swords

Postby admin » 16 Sep 2008 17:25

I think this is a list of swords that are missing/lost:

"The swords for the King lacking."
A sword that my lord Bewchamp gave the King, a bastard sword, a chekered sword, an arming sword, a blue sword, a tuck.
A skeyne with parcel-gilt hilt, five skeynes black varnished. A short knife, engraven and gilt. Five woodknives, one with a gilt copper pommel, engraven with antique imagery, and another with a pommel like a leopard's head.
P. 17. Endd. as above.

From: 'Henry VIII: Miscellaneous, 1536', Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII: July-December 1536, Volume 11 (1888), pp. 566-590.

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