16thC sword theft, and '3-edged sword'

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16thC sword theft, and '3-edged sword'

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26 February, 18 Elizabeth.—True Bill that, at the Stronde co. Midd. on the said day, Thomas Bacon late of London yoman stole two rapiers worth twelve shillings and sixpence, a sword called "a three-edged swoorde" worth five shillings, another sword worth two shillings and sixpence, "et vnum alium gladium de ferro et calibe vocat' A Woodknyff blade" worth five shillings, and a knife worth sixpence, of the goods and chattels of William Sellwoode at Stronde. Putting himself 'Guilty,' Thomas Bacon was sentenced to be hung. G. D. R., 4 April, 18 Eliz.

From: 'Middlesex Sessions Rolls: 1576', Middlesex county records: Volume 1: 1550-1603 (1886), pp. 96-103. [/quote]

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