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Historical Armour Quality

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2018 13:52
by AdoptiveLiam
Hey there,I was wondering that in history what was the quality discrepancy in history.
So if a man was to buy armor from 2 Armorers one seated in a rather large city the other in a smaller village what would be the quality difference.

Since we all know that medieval Armour wasn't all that heavy or of bad as quality as TV and Movies have told Us what quality discrepancy would there be lets say its sometime in the early to mid 15th century it could be Italian or German your pick thanks.

Re: Historical Armour Quality

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2018 17:35
by Neil Grant
Hi Liam,

By a happy coincidence, I posted something about this last week. Take a look at the post "The knight and the blast furnace" in the "Armours & Armour" section.
Basically, there is considerable difference in production quality between areas (with northern Italy and later southern Germany) producing the "best" armour. There's then several price bands, between cheap "munition armour" at the bottom of the scale, at the nice-but-expensive stuff at the top
Effectively, you don't get armour manufactured outside the cities