How to wear a cloak?

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How to wear a cloak?

Postby Erian » 16 Jan 2017 14:37

I've been wondering about something for some time, and thought perhaps you could give an opinion.

The way one normally wears a cloak seems quite dangerous to me. If it is fastened in front of the throat, the chance of strangling yourself seems quite large to me. Especially when riding a horse through a forest at speed, for example.
I have seen cloaks being fastned at the shoulders. You sometimes see this in images of roman soldiers for example.

Then there is the Game of Thrones Stark way (I don' t watch GoT, but I'm refering to one of the first episodes) in which the fastening seems to cross in front of the chest, under the arms and appears to be fastened behind the back.

Lastly, there is the cape that hangs over one shoulder and ties underneath the other arm as one sees here:

What do you think is the most convenient and safe way to wear a cape?
I think the first is convenient, but not quite safe.
The second seems allright, if the clothing underneath is sturdy
The third is not very convinent, but keeps you warm
The last one is for show and doesn' t quite keep you warm. May be used with a cape for fencing, though.
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