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Nimcha North African (?) Saber

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2016 00:35
by Leper
I was wondering about has anyone any knowledge or source about 18th century Nimchas from North-North West Africa. In the 18th century, Northern Africa was still part of the Ottoman Empire and the saber closely reminds other Turkish sabers, especially the Turkish Karabela. However, I searched a bit about it but no one mentions anything about its relation with Turkish/Turkic sabers, it is mentioned in everywhere as if it's an unique North African saber. On the other hand, I noticed something in a 17th century Turkish "Top├žu" (artilery corps) soldier's descprition:


^ As far as I can see from here his saber on his belt is very similar to Nimcha (take a close look at its hilt):



So anyone has any knowledge or source about this saber is welcomed. Thanks.