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Postby MattS » 05 Jul 2016 17:37

I didn’t see a dedicated thread for kukri, so here’s one!

Whilst visiting my parents earlier in the week we had a wander round a few antiques places and junk shops. In one of them I found a kukri, which the shop owner says is a WWI era blade from about 1917. I’m ignorant of dating kukris, but it seemed solid on its tang, the grip was nicely peened, rust aside it looked well-made and it also moved nicely in the hand.

Over the years it had lost its sheath, was heavily rusted, and a little pitted in places, with nicks out of the edge and a snapped tip (although amazingly it had retained most of a sharp edge). However because of its condition, it only had a £25 written on its price tag! As you can see, it’s been unloved for a long time:
DSC_0936 (Medium).JPG
DSC_0936 (Medium).JPG (142.73 KiB) Viewed 4075 times

I reground the tip and removed the big nicks out of the edge. After many hours with assorted grits of wet and dry paper, and of course Autosol and 0000 steel wool, it looks like this now:
20160626-Kukri.jpg (97.62 KiB) Viewed 4075 times

I didn’t find any War Department marks or broad arrows, but I did find what appears to be some kind of stamped serial number. Unfortunately it’s stamped in one of the fullers and it’s suffered from some pitting, which makes it very tough to read. From what I can make out it appears to be ‘717’ and maybe another digit after that:
20160626-Kukri-2.jpg (203.62 KiB) Viewed 4075 times
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