Bridges and Big Knives (Chinese swords in the WW2 era)

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Bridges and Big Knives (Chinese swords in the WW2 era)

Postby MEversbergII » 09 Jun 2016 03:06

This is a set of articles I read a while back about the dadao and its role in the Chinese forces in and around the Second World War. Having just added a modernized take on the dadao to my collection (Condor) and having just posted another article on anachronistic weapons in war, I figure, why not? ... ican-army/

There's a bunch more articles related to those if you click the "Dadao" tab. Reading through a few I missed myself.

Very interesting weapon. I've read two period manuals on its use, even, and may eventually give their advice a try in my club sometime. I count it as a sword that I like the look and sound of, so I definitely enjoyed reading about it. I unfortunately missed out on the Hanwei Military Dadao, which I'm told was pretty day I'll find one second hand!

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