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"Joe Brown" Pikes - 19th Century Confederate Pikes

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2016 02:39
by MEversbergII
Found this short article a little while ago and thought some here may be interested:

Total anachronism, but we like that here I'm told. This is something I was aware of existing for a long time but never actually read far into for some reason. I was unaware that some patterns were supposed to be springloaded. I can't think of a single solitary reason to bother with that other than Rule of Cool.

Curious bit: Evidently a 6' pike was worth more to the Confederate government than an 18" shortsword, scabbard, and belt (which were to be issued to the pikeman as well). Not terribly more (.40 Confederate Funbucks), but more none the less. That was in 1862, at least - said contract would have worked out well for the government contractor when you take the hyperinflation into account.