equipment questions for Swordfish partitioners

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equipment questions for Swordfish partitioners

Postby Axel » 30 Jul 2008 13:33

We have a supplier that gives us pretty cheap prices on fencing masks, would people be interested in buying masks if we had them for sale during swordfish?

I don't know the exact prize we could l sell them for yet (will know within the week though), but it will be cheap from our point of view.

So how much do you pay for yours?

And is there any other kit you would like to buy at swordfish? we might also be able to get hold on lacrosse goalies gloves pretty cheap. And Penttis aluminium and nylon wasters of course, his new longsowrd model goes for 800 SEK, that is cheaper than the spanish ones, and better IMO.

Would anyone like to sell stuff at Swordfish? Books, DvD's, modified shinais?

Let us know (you can answer here) :)
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