Missing parts of Lebkommer's Messer

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Missing parts of Lebkommer's Messer

Postby TheDude » 15 Jun 2008 13:44

Hi all,

My work on Lebkommer's text is going well but I am missing a few main sections. Does anybody have any background on them and where they may be or were they never in the original text? For example, of the follwing 17 parts, several such as hengen and winden are not in the German texts such as http://www.schielhau.org/lebkommer1.html. Are these sections absent from the original or is the German transcript incomplete?

The 17 Chief Parts

I. Die vier Läger
I. The Four Stances

II. Versetzen.
II. Displacing

III: Nachreysen.
III. Travelling After

IIII. Uberlauffen.
IV. Over Running

V. Absetzen
V. Setting Aside

VI. Durchwechseln.
VI. Changing Through

vii. Zucken.
vii. Twitching

viii. Durchlauffen.
viii. Charging Through

ix. Abschnid.
ix. Cut Off

x. Hendtrucken.
x. Hand Hitting

xi. Ablauffen.
xi. Flowing Off

xii. Benemen.
xii. Taking

xiii. Durchgehn.
xiii. Going Through

xiiii. Der Bogen.
xiv. The Arch

xv. Messer nehmen.
xv. Messer Taking

xvi. Hengen.
xvi. Hanging

xvii. Winden.
xvii. Winding
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