When your sword gets stuck in the opponent's chest

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When your sword gets stuck in the opponent's chest

Postby Vitus » 01 Aug 2019 22:28

Did it often occur that the blade got stuck between ribs of the wounded combatant? It seems that it was not so rare with rapier and short sword, but also with bayonet...

The impaled defender (or rather dying revenger!) usually willingly took the opportunity to stab back the adversary, if he was still physically able to do it... Many swordsmen were mentally prepared to continue fighting even in such position.... That is why so many rapier duels finished with mutual death.

How should the attacker react, when his sword gets stuck? Perhaps step back leaving the sword in the adversary’s body....?

Here is the example of the duel fought in the beginning of the 18th century. The valiant Duke, after taking thrust in chest, traped his opponent’s blade in his body, and go on fighting untill hitting his adversary close to the heart. The opponent, Lord B, did not manage to stop the dying Duke, from taking him down... Where he went wrong according to you?

“(…) his Lordship (…) drove home a thrust just above Duke B 's right nipple. Transfixed on his Lordship's blade, the Duke nevertheless continued, attempting repeatedly to direct a thrust at his Lordship's throat. With his weapon fixed in His Grace's chest, Lord B now had no means of defense other than his free arm and hand. Attempting to grasp the hostile blade, he lost two fingers and mutilated the remainder. Finally, the mortally wounded Duke penetrated the bloody parries of Lord B's hand with a thrust just below Lord B 's heart (...)”
“there they both remained, each transfixed upon the blade of the other until, due to extensive blood loss, his Lordship finally collapsed. In doing so, he withdrew his sword from the Duke's body and, staggering briefly, fell upon his weapon, breaking the blade in two. A moment later, the "victorious" Duke deliberately snapped his own blade and, with a sigh, fell dead upon the corpse of his adversary.”

(see: Dubious Quick Kill - Part Three)
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