FightCamp 2018 Tournament Registration

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FightCamp 2018 Tournament Registration

Postby admin » 06 Aug 2018 07:00

Dear FightCamp registered attendees: Registration for the tournament pools is now going to be done manually (due to our website failing us). That means that you can either register now/before the event, or on arrival on the Thursday evening.
To register before the event (registered attendees only!), please email with NAME, GROUP, NAME OF TOURNAMENTS BEING ENTERED
The tournaments are:
Assault at Arms (nylon backsword/sabre)
Eggleton Cup (nylon mixed weapons)
Waite Challenge (steel sabre)
Federschwert (steel longsword)

Registration of teams of 6 people for the melee tournament will happen during the event, as normal.
To reiterate: You can EITHER register for the individual tournaments now/before the event, OR on the Thursday evening when to sign in at Reception upon your arrival.

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