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Numbered 'points'.

PostPosted: 11 May 2018 15:30
by HW
I'm familiar with the way 'cuts' were numbered from one to seven, but I wasn't aware that 'points' were also numbered until I came across the following references in Kinsley's 'Swordsmen of the British Empire' :-

Page 129 - "I guarded, and as cool as a cucumber and in a most scientific manner, returned 'point one'."

Page 134 - "I was preparing to give him 'point 3' in his stomach."

The events alluded to occurred during the Indian Mutiny.

Can anyone tell me more about this?

Re: Numbered 'points'.

PostPosted: 13 May 2018 04:32
by Thearos
I wonder if these are the four basic thrusts which Roworth knows for the broadsword, simplified from the smallsword: quarte, tierce, seconde (=low tierce, so towards the stomach= thrust 3 ?), and low quarte.

Re: Numbered 'points'.

PostPosted: 11 Jun 2018 15:01
by admin
Angelo's system had 7 cuts, 7 guards and 3 points (thrusts).

Point 1 is basically in tierce, point 2 in quarte and point 3 in medium. They are shown on his diagram.

Re: Numbered 'points'.

PostPosted: 11 Jun 2018 15:08
by admin
The text from H Angelo's 1845: