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Napoleonic briquet sabre

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2017 10:57
by Mika
Image: ... n_XI-3.jpg

I'm interested in short napoleonic infantry sabre "briquet". Do you know any manual for that?

Re: Napoleonic briquet sabre

PostPosted: 20 Dec 2017 22:15
by Thearos
I have a feeling that on the French side at least, there is very little in the way of manuals for military "armes blanches" before the 1830s (when you get the bayonet manuels or Brack, Aux Avants Postes). Yet there must have been some training-- done by regimental "maîtres d'armes" ? Purely oral ? So I don't think there is anything like Roworth or Marchant. Why ?

Re: Napoleonic briquet sabre

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2018 18:56
by Thearos
You could reconstruct a French Ur-system for the briquet. Not the six cuts of the Hungarian-British tradition, but rather particular cuts / "coups": heavily moulinet-based, coup de figure, de tête, de flanc, thrust; slipping the leg; parry-ripostes. So basically a simple continental system.

Are there any accounts of briquets being actually used in action ?? In a duel ?