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"RessourcesAMHE" - Strange and curious ressources

PostPosted: 11 Jun 2017 15:25
by Mikarmatura
Hey, friends,
I offer to you many compilation come from my website. I don't do longsword and I love HEMA curiosities.
Sorry it's mainly in french, but there are many iconographic materials.
You can discovered on

The Pugilat
The Olympic wrestling & Pancrace
Percussion of the hands and feet (except boxing)
Hoplomachy and Peltastique
Throwing weapons and projectiles
Tricks and oddities
Self defense on bicycle
Women defense (woman self defense)
Boy Scouts - martial arts games
The Assault Shot - sport pistol duelling
Nerves of oxen, puzzles and breezes
Defense against an animal
Impromptu and rare weapons
Apaches and how to defend themselves
Aquatic Combat / HEMA in Water
The duel with whip (with or without knife)
Distaff as object of defense, punishment or brawl
Boxing in barrel
The shovel
Pressure points and sensitive areas
Self defense ring and Knuckle Duster
The 'strange' duels
Stilts fight,chair or bench

Re: Mikarmatura's Strange and curious ressources

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2017 15:53
by Mikarmatura

Modern fight on horseback 1800-1930
HEMA skis and skates
Fork and trident
Bastons and ECU duel
2 & 1 against 2 against 1
"Baston Cornuz" / Sticks horned
Boxer Vs Pony
The woodcutter's axe
Burlesque battle and spectacle
Using the back of a weapon
Use of a piece of clothing