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Composition and Conduct of Squad Exercise with Swords?

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2017 19:53
by MEversbergII
A recurring thing I see with swordsmanship manuals from 18th and (especially) 19th century is teaching large groups of men in the exercise.

Do we have any supporting documentation dictating who did and did not attend these classes, and where or how frequently they were held?

I presume NCOs form a bulk - regular Enlisted don't have swords. But did Officers need to attend? Likely (but not certainly) they learned it as a youth, and the nature of Officer/Enlisted relationships seems to tell me it would be something they'd do in private besides.

So was this squad instruction part of the then-equivalent of Basic Combat Training, or was it something run within units? Was there some measure of sustainment training for the NCOs, and introductory instruction to newly promoted?

This isn't aimed at any one nation or era, but a battery to see if anything shows up along the 150ish years mentioned.