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Major Elliot's Art of Attack and Defense

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2015 03:47
by MEversbergII
I just recently finished this book, republished by our very on Matt Easton: ... nd-defence

Good book, easy read and the intro by Matt giving us some background on the Major was an interesting addition. It's unfortunate, I suppose, that the material was kept so basic, but in a way that gives us a pretty good book for introducing dueling sword, sabre, and the bayonet to people who, perhaps, have little-to-no exposure at all. Some of the other period manuals, without some understanding key terms (that perhaps at the time being more common) can be hard to really get into. This, I think, might be a good go-to for these newcomers.

Cheers to Matt!

We are fortunate to have so many who work so close to primary materials right here on this forum: Matt Easton, Phil Crawley, Milo Thurston, and likely someone else I've forgotten (too much jet fuel in my diet).

Now to get through some of Phil's recent(ish...) translations!