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Listing events here

Postby admin » 18 Dec 2014 13:17

Dear forum members - you'll see that I have closed the events section. If you want to advertise events then please now do it here in the following title format:

Event: [Name]-[Date]

Event: FightCamp - 7-9 August 2015

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Re: Listing events here

Postby Mearcstapa » 23 May 2015 11:13

I take it the 'Advice for Travelling with Swords in Europe' piece went with it?
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Purpleheart Armoury Open 2016

Postby AshH » 17 Jan 2016 18:18

Purpleheart Armoury Open 2016 is being held in Houston, TX on March 18 - 20.

Tournaments include:
Open Steel Longsword (60 spots)
Basic Nylon Longsword (40 spots)
Women's Steel Longsword (20 spots)
Rapier & Dagger (20 spots)

**All tournaments except the nylon are Bring Your Own Weapon.**

We will have workshops led by some of the top names in the HEMA community, along with coached sparring sessions.

Spaces are limited so register now to secure your spot! The last day to register is March 4th.

Main Website:

Direct Registration Page:

Facebook Event:

If you have any questions email us at
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Re: Listing events here

Postby Bulot » 02 Feb 2016 10:25

Villeneuve HEMA Tournament - June 18-19, Villeneuve Loubet Plage, Southern France.


Facebook event for details :
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