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Gorget use in fighting/competition

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2014 10:48
by snowcelt

After watching and enjoying the livestream from Swordfish 2014, I was wondering about how some of the contestants wore their gorgets. In the sabre and longsword the gorget was worn outside the jacket with the mask bib sitting on top. Is this considered acceptable among folks who spar and fight in free bouting. Is there something I am missing about this setup that still protects the throat against thrusts from sliding up and under the gorget? Just wondering. Did anyone else notice this?

Re: Gorget use in fighting/competition

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2014 15:30
by zarlor
think that mostly depends on the underlying jacket design. Some have collars underneath that can make wearing a gorget under them uncomfortable or impractical, but by the same respect those collars provide extra protection to stopping a thrust that, admittedly, would have to slide a pretty good distance to get up under a gorget and on into the throat to begin with. Personally I'm a big fan for gorgets in general, preferring one made with steel in it rather than most of the ones I see being used out there for HEMA, but I also wear my gorget on the outside of whatever I'm wearing (I normally just spar in a t-shirt though, it's HOT here in New Orleans!) and under the mask bib. I tend to fight a lot of rapier and some saber and sidesword, but rapier is my main preference with lots of thrusting involved and I've never had or seen an issue with gorgets on top in my almost 20 years of doing this.