Resource for Silver and Man yt Wol...

The practice of martial arts, research, interpretation and modern practice. Ancient to c.1900. Worldwide, Eastern and Western.
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Resource for Silver and Man yt Wol...

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The OED is free till the 19th.
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Anyone who is interested in translating: ... l_MS_34192) ... _MS_No.376) ... l_MS_39564)

should definitely check that resource out!

b. trans. Cf. to hunt a cover.

a. Of things: To change place or position by sudden and rapid movement without contact; to move with a sudden jerk or bound (in later use esp. by resilient force); to dart or fly. Freq. with advs.

7. pres. pple. going /ˈɡəʊɪŋ/ . Forms: OE gánde, ME gaande, goand(e, -ende, -inde, -onde, gonde ( guoinde), ME–15 goinge, -yng(e, ME gooing, 17–18 Sc. gaun, 18 north. gawn, 15– going.

1. trans. To cut into quarters or portions, divide.

1. intr. To make a thrust with a pointed weapon, or with the point of a weapon; to lunge, push. Often to foin at (a person) or with (a weapon) . arch.

1. An instrument for winnowing grain.

†3. trans. To attempt to inflict (injury, a blow, etc.); to challenge to or attempt to engage in (battle, combat, etc.). Cf. offer v. 4c, 5a. Obs.
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