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Postby admin » 07 Sep 2006 17:54

No, but it seems to be a Keris (SE Asian) on the cover. So maybe it's Kali based?

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Postby Matclarke » 07 Sep 2006 18:49

I've read reviews of this book somewhere. Mostly bad.
Can't remember where though :?

edit: from memory the reviews were negative they percieved the author as a kind of 'rogue swordsman' as the book isn't about any particular style/lineage nor teaching you to fight within a historical or sporting context.

I could be wrong though.

Never read the book myself.
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Postby swordflasher » 09 Sep 2006 00:51

Looks like a must-buy.

I sure hope he covers tire-whacking with extra heavy swords.
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Postby Monster Zero » 09 Sep 2006 01:06

It's not a Keris, it's a Punal, a Filipino dagger.
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