marijuana research paper

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marijuana research paper

Postby WalterB » 07 Sep 2018 09:17

The marijuana research paper presents some arguments in favor of marijuana legalization as well. They include an opportunity to fully control the production and distribution of marijuana. What is more, the budget would increase due to the taxes imposed on the purchase of the mild drug. Legalizing marijuana presupposes that all criminal groups supplying this substance will be out of the running. It means that users will buy marijuana from official distributors, thus eliminating the black market. When the government knows the real scope of the problem as well as the processes that take place in this sphere, it will be easier to control them. What is more, the authorities will be able to cope with the negative outcomes by developing some rehabilitation programs for those who are addicted and increasing public awareness of the risks of marijuana abuse. The state, being the monopolist, can control the price, quality, and access to the drug. At the same time, the state cannot guarantee that the black market will disappear completely. As a result, legalization of marijuana does not mean that the issue will be solved. It may even have a reverse effect: criminals will have an opportunity to easily access marijuana and distribute it within the black market.

The marijuana research paper concludes that, despite the fact that marijuana has some healing qualities and its legalization may result in stricter control over its production and distribution, making the drug legal may have an inverted effect as well. The approval at the state level can change social norms leading to the increase of marijuana users. It will result is drug abuse and addiction. Therefore, in-depth and detailed research on the issue has to be conducted so that the government can make the right and unbiased decision on the legalization of marijuana.
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Re: marijuana research paper

Postby swordflasher » 13 Sep 2018 10:05

Hi Walter. If this is genuine, try posting this in the off topic chat section. And no-one sane will click such a disguised link.
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