Jin Enzhongs DaDao Manual from 1933

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Jin Enzhongs DaDao Manual from 1933

Postby Weedus » 16 Jan 2017 01:14

Last Year Brennan Translations translated Chinese WW-2 manuals from 1933 for the DaDao
China was under heavy Arms Embargos,they had endless Combat Aged Men but only a handfull of Rifles..so they equipped whole Army Units only with DaDao Sabres
https://chinesemartialstudies.files.wor ... -dadao.jpg

To Train the Seargeants which would train the Recruits a Officer named Jin Enzhong made "The practical Manual for the Large Sabre"
https://brennantranslation.wordpress.co ... er-manual/

If anyone owns a Simbad Scimitar by Condor...you can adopt the DaDao Techniques...
The DaDao and the Simbad Scimitar have the same Blade Profile in General and are exactly the same length.Booth are 2 handed
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Re: Jin Enzhongs DaDao Manual from 1933

Postby MEversbergII » 16 Jan 2017 02:14

Thanks for the link! Jack Chen did a translation of it a few years ago: http://www.chineselongsword.com/dadao

Bought it and read through it with the intent of making it part of study but that never became anything. It's a neat little manual though fairly limited. Makes for a good solo sequence.

Dadao are one of my favorite eastern style swords, so it has special impact with me. Cheers!

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Re: Jin Enzhongs DaDao Manual from 1933

Postby Weedus » 16 Jan 2017 02:18

Yeah...you need to remember for what it was thought...to train peasant soldier cannon Fodder...more or less...
But its good to give you the general idea of how large 2 handed Sabres can be used.
Its a bit like a mix of German Longsword and Spanish Montante...you get the Blade in Motion by levering it forward with pushing on the upper Hand and pulling on the Lower hand...and once you have it in motion you try to keep it swinging in more or less rounded fluid motions like a Montante...

And also a bit like a banana in that you can push down a Blade with the false/Spine and then come up with the true edge for a Cut,when i remember correctly this was how a Bayonet shall be parried...bash your Spine against while stepping forward so the Bayonet Blade is behind your Legs now,and then cut diagonal upwards
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Re: Jin Enzhongs DaDao Manual from 1933

Postby Thearos » 23 Mar 2017 19:03

THere are some marvellous essays by Ben Judkins on the military dadao in the context of the C20th (Chinese Republican) martial arts. For instance:

https://chinesemartialstudies.com/2014/ ... al-arts-2/
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