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Russian textbook on fencing 1967

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2015 12:40
by al323
I taught in a Russian State University of Physical Education.During this time, has accumulated a lot of work on hand to hand combat and fencing.This forum gave me a lot of information on European martial arts. If there is interest in the works of Russian specialists, I can post them. Now offering the classic textbook on fencing 1967. It was the result of joint work of specialists of the St. Petersburg and Moscow University of Physical Education. It is written under the guidance of the famous Russian specialist in unarmed combat and fencing K. T. Bulochko (К.Т. Булочко).

Re: Russian textbook on fencing 1967

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2015 00:27
by Arno P
Thank you for posting. This looks very systematic and thorough, as one expects from a Russian textbook! :-)

I don't understand Russian but if I judge correctly by the pictures this book is mainly about the three modern sport fencing weapons. Do you know any Russian works that are earlier, at least before the year 1900? I think this would probably interest people.

Thank you.

Re: Russian textbook on fencing 1967

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2015 14:33
by al323
Book before the 20th century often contain few illustrations. Additionally, the language is different from modern Russian. All this will hinder their understanding. If necessary, can provide them. Books of the 20th century more understandable to those who are not fluent in Russian. I badly know English, but I can try to explain the places of interest of Russian books.

Perhaps interesting would be a book by Russian military historian Aleksandr Vasilevich Viskovatov (22 April [4 may] 1804 — 27 February [11 March] 1858) "Historical description of clothing and weapons of Russian troops from the earliest times to 1855" (St. Petersburg, 1841-62) It is made by decree of the Emperor of Russia, and is designed to illustrate a Russian military costume

Re: Russian textbook on fencing 1967

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2015 15:15
by al323
Posting for you one of the textbooks for trainers in bayonet 1838. Unfortunately most interest is the text