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20th Century Newspaper Articles

PostPosted: 25 May 2011 05:55
by Max C.
A couple of Newspaper articles showing martial arts techniques. As my interest is mainly cane you will see lots of it ;). (If you want to find some I suggest the Library of congress newspaper archives: Chronicling America (much better system), or the databank of (paying but 1 free month)).


Proper thing to do when you are being held up
The San Francisco call., May 27, 1900, Image 3 ... ge&index=0

The footpad and the cane
The San Francisco call., August 20, 1905, Page 4, Image 4 ... ge&index=1

New-York tribune., August 30, 1903, Page 4, Image 32 ... ge&index=9

Old Game of Single Stick That President Roosevelt Likes
(News Article)
Date: 1903-03-08;
Paper: Boston Journal ... 6706048b1a

Hatpin Supplanted As Weapon Of Defense "Alice Roosevelt Cane" Serves Chicago Woman to Beat Off a bold highwayman
(News Article)
Date: 1903-09-10;
Paper: Salt Lake Telegram ... 146_71.pdf

Explanation: Alice Roosevelt (daughter of Teddy) became a fashion icon and was known for carrying a cane around, as was Sarah Bernardth who played in "La Tosca" and sported a shoulder height long cane.

(Vigny's wife on the umbrella defense)
The San Francisco call., November 08, 1903, Image 41 ... ge&index=5


Physical Culture and Self-Defense
(News Article)
Date: 1903-12-13;
Paper: Morning Herald ... 86_209.pdf


If A Footpad Attacks You Use The Foot Defense
(News Article)
Date: 1908-06-20;
Paper: Grand Rapids Press ... 96_844.pdf

General self-defense:

While the World Is Fighting With Death Dealing Machines, Writer Tells How to Protect Self
(News Article)
Date: 1917-05-27;
Paper: Salt Lake Telegram ... 41_759.pdf

How to defend yourself
The San Francisco call., August 21, 1904, Image 11 ... ge&index=8

Woman Repels Ruffian (Boston Globe, 1904) ... 4558e3809a

Re: 20th Century Newspaper Articles

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011 19:55
by Max C.

Use you feet when attacked by thugs
The Seattle star., December 02, 1908 ... ge&index=9


Becoming handy with the gloves
The Minneapolis journal., January 25, 1902 ... 3&index=17

Corbett on the art of self defense
The Washington times., July 22, 1917 ... 20&index=2

The modern maid must learn to box
Los Angeles herald., February 05, 1905 ... =4&index=3

Boxing that can't hurt (interesting protective equipment there)
The San Francisco call., May 18, 1913 ... =4&index=6

How to box by world's greatest boxer
The Tacoma times., December 27, 1911 ... 6&index=18

How to box the finer points
The Tacoma times., December 30, 1911 ... date2=1922

Self defense

Jiu jitsu girl tells American women how to handle masher or street thug
The evening world., November 21, 1913, Final Edition, Page 5, Image 5 ... 2&index=15

The art of self-defense by Robert Fitzsimmons
The times dispatch., December 06, 1903 ... 2&index=18

Physical culture and self-defense by Robert Fitzsimmons
Pat 2 art 3
The Logan Republican., March 16, 1904, Image 7 ... 8&index=13

How the president is taught Jiu jitsu
The evening world., March 20, 1902 ... 14&index=0

Darcy tells how to whip an armed thug
The Tacoma times., January 23, 1917 ... 17&index=3

Subduing the most dangerous criminals with a twist of the wrist
The Ogden standard., November 08, 1913 ... =2&index=2


The best kind of wrestling for fat men (!)
The times dispatch., May 31, 1903 ... 2&index=18


Feats of cavalrymen
New-York tribune., February 26, 1905 ... ge&index=2

Re: 20th Century Newspaper Articles

PostPosted: 19 Oct 2016 03:53
by benmiller
Adding a few here (moved from the 19th century section, where I had first posted them, not realizing they were actually early 20th):

Cane and Umbrella Self-Defense, by the Marquis of Queensberry: ... eensberry/

Cornish Wrestling and Grappling in America, by a New York City Professor: ... professor/

Re: 20th Century Newspaper Articles

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018 11:02
by Mikarmatura