Physical Energy by "Bombardier" Billy Wells, 1923


Physical Energy by "Bombardier" Billy Wells, 1923

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Via Kirk Lawson again

Writing in 1923, two years before he retired from the ring, "Bombardier"
Billy Wells, penned "Physical Energy."

In his book, Wells, British Champion from 1911 to 1919, describes his
method of Physical Culture, focusing on Boxing as the means. In it, he
builds his case for why his method is superior to previous methods of
Physical Culture, explains what he believes to be the primary ingredient
of health, "nervous energy," describes how lack of "nervous energy" due
to poor, ineffective, or outdated Physical Culture methods create or
allow illnesses ranging from "neurasthenia" to anemia, gout, and even
"Incipient Tuberculosis." All of which, and more, may be cured by the
application of his Physical Culture method. Not only that, use of his
method will promote intelligence, he claims, due to the fact that "nerve
energy" is a primary component of intellect and creativity.

The original book is clearly intended for an upscale audience with heavy
weight, high rag, paper and artist attributed photographs of the
"Bombardier" himself posing in the manner of a greek god, in the buff,
complete with a fig leaf. This book offers an absolutely fascinating
and priceless look at theories of health and fitness in the early
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