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19th Century Newspaper Articles

PostPosted: 25 May 2011 05:55
by Max C.
A couple of Newspaper articles showing martial arts techniques. As my interest is mainly cane you will see lots of it ;). (If you want to find some I suggest the Library of congress newspaper archives: Chronicling America (much better system), or the databank of (paying but 1 free month)). More in the 20th century section.

Learning Grace with a Stick the Art of Self-Defense as New York Girls Are Taught It
(News Article)
Date: 1898-05-09;
Paper: Kansas City Star ... 55_583.pdf


Fighting with Four Fists French Boxing with French Kicking
(News Article)
Date: 1892-09-11;
Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer ... 69_916.pdf

Boxing in Paris With Feet and Hands. The "Manly Art" as Practiced in France Would
(News Article)
Date: 1899-11-12;
Paper: Plain Dealer ... 28_664.pdf

General Self-defense:

Thugs And Footpads They Are Now Abroad In Every City. Hints As To How To Receive Them
(News Article)
Date: 1894-01-04;
Paper: Kalamazoo Gazette ... 76_170.pdf

Re: 19th Century Newspaper Articles

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2013 14:51
by Max C.
Six inches of steel: Deadly accuracy of a bowie knife in hand to hand conflict
Date: 1890-06-14
Paper: St.Louis Republic ... edit?pli=1

Re: 19th Century Newspaper Articles

PostPosted: 20 Aug 2014 16:32
by Max C.
Duels with knives
Light on a deadly phase of the art of fighting (Mexican and Bowie knife fighting)
Date: 1893-12-10
Paper: The Chicago Tribune ... -fighting/

Re: 19th Century Newspaper Articles

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2016 16:10
by benmiller
Hi all,

Here are a few articles I have transcribed and posted online, with accompanying photos and/or illustrations:

Stick Defense for Women in New York: The “Royal Cane” Fencing of Regis Senac, 1898: ... enac-1898/

The Cane Self-Defense of Maitre d’Armes Justin Bonnafous, 1898: ... bonnafous/

A Visit with Colonel Thomas Monstery, and a Conversation About the Art of Defense, 1886: ... f-defense/

French “La Canne” stick defense in the New York Sun, 1887: ... -sun-1887/

Vintage Boxing Techniques in the New York World and Daily Eagle, 1895: ... agle-1895/

The following is not a vintage article per se, but it does quote from (and link to) an extensive number of period articles on cane self-defense: ... 1798-1930/

[recently edited to move early 20th century articles, and add some more late 19th]

Re: 19th Century Newspaper Articles

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2017 21:19
by benmiller
Here is a newly-discovered article on the use of the broadsword and singlestick, published in Great Britain during the late nineteenth-century in the Boy's Own Magazine. This is the first part of four separate installments, but the rest of the chapters (as I get around to transcribing them) will all be accessible from the following link. As Matt has just pointed out to me on Facebook, the series is heavily influenced by Angelo's Infantry Sword Exercise, but there seems to be some new material as well:

Manly Exercises. The Broadsword and Single-Stick. ... gle-stick/