Paul Hector Mair transcription (Mscr.Dred.c.93)

Liechtenauer lineage and related sources (eg. Sigmund Ringeck, Peter von Danzig, Paulus Kal, Hans Talhoffer), interpretation and practice. Open to public view.

Paul Hector Mair transcription (Mscr.Dred.c.93)

Postby PH BAS » 20 Apr 2011 15:06

Hello sirs,

I post here a full transcription of the Mscr.Dred.c.93. of Paul Hector Mair.

I post it here because I prepare a doctorat at the University of Charles de Gaulle in Lille et I work a lot on PHM's works, that's why I don't want that is said that I have copied the retranscription from another work.

I finished the full translation to french et I'm working on latins manuscripts (De Arte Athletica, cod.icon 393 and 394) in order to complete it.

Best regards.

Pierre-Henry, instructor of the REGHT's association (Research and Experimentation of the Historical and Technical Gesture) in Lille.
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Re: Paul Hector Mair retranscription (Mscr.Dred.c.93)

Postby Ivan » 20 Apr 2011 15:24

Wow! Awesome work, thanks a lot :D !
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Re: Paul Hector Mair transcription (Mscr.Dred.c.93)

Postby xn » 20 Apr 2011 17:06

Wow. Awesome. Thanks!
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Re: Paul Hector Mair transcription (Mscr.Dred.c.93)

Postby Herbert » 06 May 2011 12:01

Thanks for your efforts - this was quite a piece of work!

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Re: Paul Hector Mair transcription (Mscr.Dred.c.93)

Postby Andreas Engström » 06 May 2011 16:15


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