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Items are sent tracked and recorded from the UK. I am able to dispatch things once or twice each week. They are packed securely.

Indicative costs in 2017 to different countries for a single sword are below. The costs are largely dictated by the size and less so by the weight. Sending two or more swords only costs a bit more than sending a single one, so for overseas customers it is much more efficient to get multiple items shipped at the same time (I can hold an item until I get a second item you want):


UK - 10

France - 40

Germany - 40

Austria - 45

Norway - 50

Sweden - 50

Poland - 45

USA - 60

Canada - 60

Australia - 75

New Zealand - 75




I take either bank transfer (in the UK) or Paypal (in the UK and internationally).

I will offer payment plans on items over 500 and sometimes by agreement on items over 300. Payment plans are spread over two or three months, depending on the value of the item. Items will not be shipped until payment is complete.

I will take deposits of 20% to hold an item for 1 month, but those deposits are not refundable if balance payment is not made by the end of that 1 month period.


Terms and conditions


Items listed on this website are all to the best of my knowledge genuine antique/vintage items. I will not list replicas as originals, like some dealers do.


I will only sell weapons to over-18's.


I am not responsible for what people do with their antiques once they receive them. I assume that buyers are sensible, law-abiding and sane.


When you are interested in an item, please email me and I will give you a quote for the sale price, plus postage to your location. We then agree the payment method (eg. Paypal or BACS), and once you have paid, I send the item to you. Please remember that a payment must clear before I will post the item.


I've sold to various people on Sword Forum International and the Schola Forum; you can check my trustworthy track record of delivering items in either of those forums.


Items bought from me are "as seen". I will attempt to describe as many of the imperfections as possible and show them in the photos, but I will not accept returns unless you feel that the product is drastically different to the description and photos. You will find my descriptions a lot more accurate than most auction catalogues and some dealers!


If you have doubts or questions about an item then I encourage you to ask me before purchasing. I will be honest.


This is a hobby for me in order to manage my own collection, I have a day job and therefore you may not get an instant response to your email, but I will attempt to reply as soon as possible and I am online often.


Because I am a hobbyist I do not have the overheads of a dealer - therefore my prices are likely to be a little lower than you will see on some dealer's websites. This does not imply lower quality, but I tend to buy and sell the more affordable stuff that a lot of dealers seem to be ignoring now.


If you want to sell or trade something then please feel free to get in touch. Part exchanges are not out of the question and I am always willing to consider offers.


If you have something I'm interested in then I may be willing to travel to you if you are not too far away, which reduces some of your hassle and expense.


If you would like to enquire about an item here or contact me for any other reason, then please use: