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Selling Your Antique Swords

Selling your antique swords, knives, bayonets, axes and other hand weapons is really simple with Easton Antique Arms. And selling to a dealer offers a lot of advantages over putting things into auction. I am constantly buying directly from people and this is where much of my stock comes from.


How to sell an antique sword or similar item to Easton Antique Arms:

Take a few photos on your phone or with a camera and then email them to me at eastonantiquearms@gmail.com - I will get back to you as soon as possible, saying whether it is something that I would be interested in buying and if it is, then I'll make you an offer. Once the amount is agreed, then we arrange for the item/items to be collected or posted and you get payment once they are safely with me (either by bank transfer, Paypal, or cash). I have bought hundreds of items in this way and it has always gone smoothly. I am based in the South-East of England, but I drive a lot and can travel within reason and can also receive items by post to a business address. I also buy items from outside the UK. Selling antique swords or similar weapons could not be easier.


Selling Through Auction

Why not put your items into auction? You will probably get more money and you will definitely get paid quicker, by selling directly to a dealer. Dealers can pay as soon as they receive an item. Auction houses will consign your item for the next available auction (sometimes weeks or months away) and will not pay out until some time after that auction. There is also the chance that your item will fetch far less in auction than it would have done if sold directly to a dealer, and of course there are auction fees to deduct from what you will receive at the end.


This being said, sometimes with large collections the only practical way to deal with them is to consign them to auction. It is quite common that in a large collection, only a few of the items will be of interest to a dealer and the rest will be entered as group lots into auction. In this case Easton Antique Arms can offer advice and can sometimes broker a deal for you with the auction house. Feel free to get in contact if this is something you are considering.


Selling Antique Firearms in the UK

Antique guns can also be very easy to buy and sell, depending on a few details. If the item is antique and of 'obsolete calibre' (eg. flintlock, percussion lock, pinfire, or one of the many other obsolete cartridges) then it requires no registration, certification or deactivation. These guns can be bought and sold easily. Examples would include a flintlock cavalry pistol or a Martini-Henry rifle in obsolete .45/577 calibre.


If your gun is not obsolete calibre and is not registered, then I'm afraid that you cannot sell or legally own it and you should contact the local police, who will happily destroy it for you for free (a shame I know, but that's the law!).


If you have a deactivated gun then to sell it, it must be deactivated to the latest EU specification (2018). If it was deactivated earlier than that, then it is legal to own, but unfortunately not legal to sell, until re-deactivated to the new EU standard. You should have a deactivation certification with the gun and if it pre-dates 2018 then unfortunately you cannot legally sell it.


If you have an antique gun that you want to sell, then feel free to get in contact with me at eastonantiquearms@gmail.com - I am a member of the National Rifle Association of Great Britain and have access to several experts who can give advice if needs be.

Contact: eastonantiquearms@gmail.com